Monday, 26 May 2014

Post Apocalyptic City and Posters with Photoshop

During my Digital Video and Animation course we learnt more about using Photoshop and how to manipulate images using Photoshop's tools, effects and layers.
Our first assignment was to create a post apocalyptic city.  I gathered different images from a image search on the internet and put them together, overlapping some images over others and then using effects such as saturation and tools such as burn to achieve the final look.
The next assignment was to turn this image into a movie poster, I added a posterize effect and added text and blood splats for my poster.
The third image is another movie poster based on a short story we each wrote.  My story was about a girl who travels into the future to kill her evil future self.   The style I went for was a grind house look, the blood and shadow were images I made in Illustrator.  The background was a photo of crumpled paper I took and then saturated through Photoshop.  The border was made using the the rectangular marquee tool around the edge of the poster, painting it black and then using a splatter brush tool to create the splatters.

My post apocalyptic city!
A poster I made using the previous image.

Grind house style poster based on a short story I wrote.

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