Saturday, 10 May 2014

My attempt at a Photorealistic Scene in Maya

Today I will share with you some work from my Advanced 3D Graphics course that I made last year.
This is my attempt at a photo realistic scene created using Maya, Renderman and Nuke.  All the models were created in Maya, I especially enjoyed modeling Deerling.  I did add a few small details on Deerling in Zbrush such as the grooves along the body and hooves.

Here are a few screenshots of Deerling.

Deerling untextured in ZBrush.
Deerling after painting in ZBrush.

And the final piece.

Pokemon, Cardcaptors, Vampire Knight and Fruits Basket, a few of my favourite things!

Looking back there are definitely some things that could have been improved on to achieve a more realistic look!

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